Happy Marshmellow Face


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Happy Face

During college for some odd reason I decided to become an RA. Thinking back on it, I have no idea as to why I would choose to do that. That was truly a stupid decision on my part. I think I decided to do it because one of my roommates drank my all my juice again and the other decided to get a pet snake. I was out of there.

My attempt at marshmallows was as big of a mistake as this. I wanted to make marshmallows and bring them in for my co-workers. Seriously, marshmallows are supposed to be easy to make, like chocolate chip cookie easy. I should know better, I am terrible at caramel and marshmallows. It was one chewy, gooey sticky mess. The only thing that survived this mess was my happy face in powdered sugar for Andy Man.

Happy Monday marshmallow face.

Apple tart tuesday


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Apple Tart

Its been a tough year, and I realized the financial district is not for me.

I will no longer:

Be screamed at by Partners because the deal fell through. (Buy an auto tune, that way when you scream I can laugh at your silly voice.)
Dust your invisible dust.
Be lectured for your mistakes and take the fall for them.
Not eat all day for the fear of missing a task from a managing partner.
Get your luke warm/room temperature, not warm, not cold, but a tad boiling water. (I still don’t know what this is.)
Be told to sit in your parking spot so no one will take it. (Yes, I thought this was a joke. This is one of many reasons why I wish you had an auto tune voice. I probably shouldn’t have laughed at this one.)

To all the screaming partners in the financial district: eat some dessert. If there is one thing I have learned it is this. I become a hungry hungry hippo if I don’t eat when I need to. Please take my advice. You must be a little low on sugar, cause your tad bit grumpy.

Back with blueberry bread


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Andy Man made a very valid point last weekend.

“You haven’t baked in a very long time.”

Point taken. I am back and baking with Blueberry Bread!


Hippie dippie


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My inner hippie is silently smiling and dancing in circles to Bob Marley right now. In reality, I am sitting at my desk in corporate finance. Obviously, I hide my inner hippie dippiness for the weekends.

While on my lunch hour at work a few weeks ago I came across this idea for Indigo Dye Napkins. My inner hippie screamed with happiness, while I maintained my cool and calm corporate composure. The kit is very straight forward and super easy to use.


Once soaked, you submerge the fabric in the solution for 1 minute. When it first comes out it is green and blue. Not to worry, give it a few seconds and the air will oxidize it and eventually turn blue. Once you cut off the rubber bands off you can see your groovy designs.


Andy Man definitely does not have an ounce of inner hippie in him. I tried to get him to fold the fabric or submerge it in the solution. For some reason he refused. Instead, he watched from the screen door. The look on his face clearly said “Wow, my wife is a hippy”. And now we have pretty tye dye napkins for our kitchen table!


Happy inner hippie day!

Sunday is the new fun day


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I used to dread Sundays. It is the last day of freedom to cram errands, groceries, cleaning, laundry, homework, and blah blah blah. Until today, when I actually stopped caring about the lawn needing to be mowed, washing the car, and cleaning. Blah. BORING! Forget about it. Maybe I was able to say who cares because this is the first time we had the house to ourselves since Andy Man’s Mom stayed with us for the last month? Or maybe I just stopped wanting to be frantic about getting ready for the week? I think I just really enjoyed hanging out with Andy Man and getting back to baking. Sunday is the new fun day.

Magical water fountains in the back yard


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After years of only being able to do half push ups (ok maybe 3 at a time) I suddenly had man strength last weekend. I have no upper body strength whatsoever, and yet I broke an irrigation pipe this weekend. While I was watering I pulled the hose and the water stopped. Automatically I thought, stupid hose has a kink. When I looked back, I saw I suddenly had a small magical fountain. Where did that come from? Another house discovery? No, I pulled the hose so hard the pipe snapped.


I learned how to repair the pipe from my exasperated Mom and the Ace hardware store down the street. In the meantime, I think my parents would like me to stop calling and asking about every little thing.

Mom: “What am I looking at?”
Me: “I was watering and the pipe snapped! What do I do??? I think I turned the water off but I’m not sure”
Mom: “I don’t understand what am I looking at?
Me: “”I was watering and the pipe just snapped”
Mom: “I can’t understand this picture, pipes just don’t snap. What did you do?”
Me: “I was watering and the pipe just snapped off? What do I do?”
Mom: “Didn’t you pay attention to us when you were a kid and we were doing things around the house?”
Me: “No, why would I do that? You guys always did everything.”

Hmm… she did not like that. Luckily I watched YouTube and the friendly Ace hardware store was very helpful.

Salt lick


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Saltless tastless eww

For the past five months I have had the most unattainable Saturday morning goal. Wake up at 7 am and go to the bakery for a ham and cheese croissant. I love them so much, that I would forget about my ridiculous diet. My diet consists of veggies/protein/fruit/no carbs and Pepsi (PEPSI??? What? I eat all those veggies everyday so I can have my daily Pepsi)

Obviously I haven’t made it to the bakery, or woken up that early unless forced to. I have really, really been looking forward to croissants. So much, that I started the dough at 10 PM on Saturday night, so I could bake them on Sunday. They baked perfectly, unfortunately when I tasted them it was like eating a stick of butter straight from the fridge. Eww. They needed salt, a lot of salt. As in, take a bite of the croissant and have one of the following nearby:

  • Salt Lick
  • Tequila shot
  • Margarita with salt please
  • Would you like some salt with your popcorn?

Next time, I will take my time with croissant dough. Use salted butter and perhaps double the amount of salt that it called for. Or take the easy way and go to the bakery. :)



Walk like a tiger


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I work in private banking, a very conservative hush hush environment. I’ve found that the longer I work there the more of a desire I have to show up to work in my usual all black outfit of pants, blouse and a pair of these. You know just a little pop of color. Surprisingly a few of these were actually walkable. Others were painful to stand in. Probably not such a great idea for such a hush hush environment.

Please don’t fire me for 5 inch tiger shoes.

Lets not buy the 5 inch heals


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Being stuck at the Vegas airport for over three hours is an interesting experience. There is an Elvis impersonator (although I don’t think that was intentional) slot machines, and cowboy boots. I went with Andy man for his annual work conference and while he was working, I went shopping, gambled and went to the pool.


I realized on this trip that I may have a slight shoe obsession. Not pratical shoes either, 5 inch heels that I would never wear anywhere. And let’s face it, when I wear heals and wedges I tower over Andy man. For some reason he doesn’t like that. I wonder why? Oh we’ll that’s a good thing considering how pretty they would look in my closet.


For the meantime I will stick to the pool and flip flops. And of course continue to try on 5 inch heals.

Playing hooky and cookie dough


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One of my favorite guilty pleasures is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. My Great Grandmother used to make Chocolate Chip Cookies for me and sneak me little bites of dough when no one was looking. One of the hardest parts of baking school and working in bakeries was not being able to eat it straight from the bowl. Now I can eat it whenever I want!

I left work early and had a free afternoon home alone before I joined Andy Man for a business trip. Of course I took advantage of this free time and caught up with paying bills, yard work, and errands. Which means I ate cookie dough from the mixing bowl and watched the entire season of Trophy Wives. Best Friday afternoon in long time! It felt like I was playing hooky this afternoon, definitely a much-needed afternoon and mini vacation!


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