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Being stuck at the Vegas airport for over three hours is an interesting experience. There are hordes of hung over people, an Elvis impersonator (although I don’t think that was intentional) slot machines and cowboy boots. This was an interesting trip. I went with Andy man for his annual work conference and while he was working, I went shopping, gambled and went to the pool.


I realized on this trip that I may have a slight shoe obsession. I started my shopping with the intention of looking for cute summer dresses and stopped looking after 20 minutes and spent the next 5 hours looking at 5 inch heals. I found I liked the kind that I would have to build special shelves for in my closet. Just because they are so pretty and obnoxious. Also they are so expensive that if I were to wear them I would trip and scuff them. And let’s face it, when I wear heals and wedges I tower over Andy man. For some reason he doesn’t like that. I wonder why? Oh we’ll that’s a good thing considering how pretty they would look in my closet.


For the meantime I will stick to the pool and flip flops. And of course continue to try on 5 inch heals.

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