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Saltless tastless eww

For the past five months I have had the most unattainable Saturday morning goal. Wake up at 7 am and go to the bakery for a ham and cheese croissant. I love them so much, that I would forget about my ridiculous diet. My diet consists of veggies/protein/fruit/no carbs and Pepsi (PEPSI??? What? I eat all those veggies everyday so I can have my daily Pepsi)

Obviously I haven’t made it to the bakery, or woken up that early unless forced to. I have really, really been looking forward to croissants. So much, that I started the dough at 10 PM on Saturday night, so I could bake them on Sunday. They baked perfectly, unfortunately when I tasted them it was like eating a stick of butter straight from the fridge. Eww. They needed salt, a lot of salt. As in, take a bite of the croissant and have one of the following nearby:

  • Salt Lick
  • Tequila shot
  • Margarita with salt please
  • Would you like some salt with your popcorn?

Next time, I will take my time with croissant dough. Use salted butter and perhaps double the amount of salt that it called for. Or take the easy way and go to the bakery. :)