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My inner hippie is silently smiling and dancing in circles to Bob Marley right now. In reality, I am sitting at my desk in corporate finance. Obviously, I hide my inner hippie dippiness for the weekends.

While on my lunch hour at work a few weeks ago I came across this idea for Indigo Dye Napkins. My inner hippie screamed with happiness, while I maintained my cool and calm corporate composure. The kit is very straight forward and super easy to use.


Once soaked, you submerge the fabric in the solution for 1 minute. When it first comes out it is green and blue. Not to worry, give it a few seconds and the air will oxidize it and eventually turn blue. Once you cut off the rubber bands off you can see your groovy designs.


Andy Man definitely does not have an ounce of inner hippie in him. I tried to get him to fold the fabric or submerge it in the solution. For some reason he refused. Instead, he watched from the screen door. The look on his face clearly said “Wow, my wife is a hippy”. And now we have pretty tye dye napkins for our kitchen table!


Happy inner hippie day!